Agusta provides a complete range high quality products of Lightning protection, Earthing and Electrical. Such as: Ace RR Earth (Convensional Lightning Protection & Grounding), Leutron (Surge Arrester), Prevectron (ESE Lightning Protection), Aiditec (ESE Lightning Protection), IDLC (Coaxial Lightning Conductor), Cable Lugs, 3 M (Termination Kits), Cadwell (exothermic), Erico (Bulk Material), Sutrado (Power Cable)

Lightning Protection

Air Terminal & Bases, Cooper/Aluminum Tape, Re-Bar Clamps, Bimetal Connectors, ESE Systems, Koaxial Cable For Lightning Protection Need, Lightning Pole, Surge Arrester.

Earthing System

Earth Rod, Coupler, Inspection Pits, Earth Bars, Exothermic Welding, U Bolt, Earth Bars.


Power and Instrument Cable, HV Conductor (TAL), Cable Lugs, Lighting - Electrical Pole, Triangle - Square Tower, Lighting Bulb, MCB, Panel, Termination Kit, Bus Bars, Arrester, Transformer.